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Workshop United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

This amazing workshop, “Interrogating the Sacred: Tending to Holocaust Object,” took place summer 2023, delayed a year because of Covid. It was an extraordinary Two Weeks!

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Stay tuned for a special Issue of MAVCOR, the online journal of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion on this topic! https:/

Creative Projects!

“How to Hide” The Dybbukast

episode 6: “How to Hide”

In this episode, presented in collaboration with Lilith Magazine, we’ll hear excerpts from and explore issues intersecting with a creative non-fiction essay published in Lilith in 1994 titled “How to Hide: Instructions from a Daughter of Survivors.” The work describes how certain perspectives and life behaviors, influenced by their parents’ experiences in the Holocaust, show up for the children of survivors. 

Karen Propp, the author of the essay, shares her experiences and points of inspiration for the piece, and Dr. Laura Levitt, a professor of religion, Jewish studies and gender at Temple University, takes us through the ways in which our public discourse around the Holocaust evolved while also discussing relationships to historical trauma.

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