Laura Levitt

Professor & Author of The Objects That Remain

Laura Levitt is Professor of Religion, Jewish Studies, and Gender at Temple University and the author The Objects that Remain (2020), American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust (2007), and Jews and Feminism: The Ambivalent Search for Home (1997).

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  • Laura Levitt receives Inaugural Fine Fellowship
  • The Ties that Bind Us: Forensic Storytelling Across the Ages
  • Cashmere Dance Party
  • The Objects that Remain
  • Workshop United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    This amazing workshop, “Interrogating the Sacred: Tending to Holocaust Object,” took place summer 2023, delayed a year because of Covid. It was an extraordinary Two Weeks! Read more about it here: Stay tuned for a special Issue of MAVCOR, the online journal of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion on this topic! https:/

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