Latest Past Events

The McLester Colloquium: The Object that Remain

Building from her book, The Objects That Remain, Laura Levitt will consider the ways in which the material remains of violent crimes inform our experience of, and thinking about, trauma and loss. She will do this by considering artifacts in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and evidence in police storage facilities across the country. […]

The Afterlives of Trauma: Art and Memory


In this lecture opening the Center’s virtual art exhibition—Experience, Integration, Expression: The Work of Norman Klenicki—Dr. Levitt will discuss art as affording an opportunity to consider the lingering effects of trauma and loss, illness, and carrying on. She states, “Art helps us feel. It is affective and touches us impressionistically. It helps open us up […]

Jewish-Christian-Feminist Dialogue on the Politics of Memory:

A Transatlantic Conversation (in English) In their scholarly work the three speakers address the presence of the Shoah in New Testament exegesis (Tania Oldenhage), theology (Katharina von Kellenbach), and American Jewish identity (Laura Levitt). They write explicitly autobiographical and/or through family history, a hermeneutic informed by the interreligious and international relationships nurtured at the Religion […]