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Afterlives of Trauma: Post-Holocaust Art, Writing and Memory

November 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am

This talk will consider what artistic and literary works, especially those created after the Holocaust can teach us about the Shoah, its memory and its commemoration. It will address some of the ways artist Mauricio Lasansky confronted this legacy in his haunting series “The Nazi Drawings” alongside other works of post-Holocaust art and writing. It will explore how such works enable very different viewers and visitors to confront the Holocaust. The talk will show how “The Nazi Drawings” enacts as well as facilitates a kind of conversation where different traumatic legacies and losses touch. Such encounters do not make these experiences one and the same but rather allow different legacies to illuminate each other.

This presentation is part of the exhibition Envisioning Evil: “The Nazi Drawings” by Mauricio Lasansky.

This lecture is presented in partnership with the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center.


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